5 Things you need to know before you decide to study masters in Ireland

Do you want to study abroad? Do you like Rugby and Guinness is your favourite drink? 


 Irish education is one of the best in the world, many Irish institutions are internationally ranked, education was a key factor in making Ireland one of the fastest growing economies in the last decade. Ireland is an English speaking country which make it a very attractive destination not just to get a degree but also to improve your English, the island is safe, rich in culture and beautiful scenery. Irish people are well known for their friendliness and hospitality and this is some of the reasons why the number of international students increase every year. BUT before you come to study in Ireland there are 5 things you need to know:



1. Partying all the time, I don’t think so..!!


If you thought moving to Europe and studying in Ireland will be easy and you will be spending most of the time having fun and partying i’m sorry to tell you that this will not happen if you want to at least pass, and the ugly truth is you will spend more time at the library and at work more than anywhere else.


2. Your umbrella sometimes will not work.



Your umbrella and rain coat are more important than your cell phone, you need time to know how to control your umbrella, even though after every windy day it is normal to see a lot of broken umbrellas everywhere, one of the things you don’t really need to bring with you to Ireland is your sunglasses, sometimes you see the 4 seasons in one hour but in general the sun is something that you rarely see and outdoor activities are usually ruined by the rain.


3. You always need more money than you thought.



Living in Ireland especially in Dublin is not cheap, the rent average for a single room in the city centre area where is most of the colleges is around 500 euros, the bills could be an extra cost, eating out is not cheap that is why many students learn how to cook, students get a 10% in many places but usually not more, you need to think twice before you choose a far place to live because transportation is expensive, a monthly bus ticket for students cost around 90 euros, so look for a part time job or be prepared before you come to Ireland.


4. Driving on the wrong side of the road.


It is confusing for many international students and tourists to see the cars moving in the opposite direction than back home, you should be very careful when you cross the street, it takes time but after that you will be fine but you will have the same problem when you travel back home for vacation or visit another country.

5. Copy and Paste doesn’t work..!!


Writing an essay is easy you just go to google and wikipedia copy and paste maybe that used to work back home but not in Ireland Plagiarism is a serious issue and you could fail and even get kicked out from the college, you should paraphrase cite and learn how to use your university type of referencing.


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